What a World.

In a world where they want you to be normal,be weird. In a world where they insist on a pattern,be different. In a world where they have beauty standards, be your own kind of beautiful. In a world where everyone is overexposed,maintain your mystery. In a world where your bones are broken by betrayal,keep fighting. […]

I Wanna Dream

I dream of beautiful meadows with grass so green, The bleating of a lamb as it looks for its mother, The soft whistle of the shepherd as he goes to find her, I dream of beautiful flowers,their bright colors so illuminating in the sunset, I dream of a soft breeze across my face as I […]

When I call your name.

When I finally fall apart,will you be the reason for my endless sorrow?When I finally get over the childish puppy love daze I am stuck in,will I be able to get myself back? When I walk past restaurants and linger,staring at happy couples all happy and bubbly,will my heart break or will I just wish […]

Heal Yourself First, The Rest Will Come Later | Thought Catalog

I know, I was stubborn too. I was stubborn, I was flawed in my inflated ego. I wanted love in that moment. I wanted head over heels, blood pulsing through my veins, suffocating, needy love. I wanted that because I needed to fill whatever empty feelings that were there, in my heart, consuming my being. It could have been from years of being told I wasn’t good enough, causing an anxious attachment to anybody and everybody. That anxiety forced me to hold onto whatever person was giving me the slightest bit of attention. Holding on to the notion that if they wanted me forever and never let me go, that was love. I held on for so long, in so many relationships. Clinging for dear life, please don’t let me go, if you let me go I’m not worthy. A never-ending cycle.

Lessons from 2017.

This year was really tough with lots of ups and downs,frustrations and setbacks but that is not to say there weren’t moments of laughter and good cheer. There’s a lot I have learnt from it but mostly:- You are enough. Whatever you do and however you do it,that is enough. Not everyone sees the good […]


       www.shutterstock.com I’m greatly fascinated by Grace Ogot’s Tekayo from Encounters from Africa. Tekayo has this insatiable desire for some rare kind of meat and this makes him do a lot of things. Mostly wrong things. He hunts and hunts all kinds of animals thinking he will find THE ONE. The problem is […]