Musings I’m greatly fascinated by Grace Ogot’s Tekayo from Encounters from Africa. Tekayo has this insatiable desire for some rare kind of meat and this makes him do a lot of things. Mostly wrong things. He hunts and hunts all kinds of animals thinking he will find THE ONE. The problem is […]

Time and Chance.

I recently traded my feelings for Orbit. Okay,not really. I still have feelings and emotions,but i still got the gums.I chewed them like my facial bone structure depended on. I’d much rather have sugar free strawberry flavored sweetness than watch paint dry,or be vain. *chuckle. A text popped on my phone and it was my […]

Love’s to blame (Part Two)

“Emptiness; My greatest fear is emptiness. Empty of love, empty of purpose, empty of peace,” I replied. I could feel tears begin to form in my own eyes and tried not to blink so as not to trigger them. “These bouts of emptiness come about when I’m alone or when I have failed to complete […]

Love’s to blame (Part One)

​You showed up again yesterday dressed in black Tomys and wearing that smile of yours as a smirk. You know I love it when you smile. There was music playing and i remember it was For King and Country’s Love’s to blame. I digress. You had on a black t-shirt with the words ‘By our […]

Fine Print.

He has to know, right? He has to know that I loved him even before he said he loved me too, And that I’m sorry I didn’t say it soon, But I’m sure there was a time he thought of us two Yet,there was no way I was facing that truth. He has to know […]

 Wuthering Heights

He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. There are sad love stories out there in the universe. A story is told of Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton. He built a castle for his beloved,Lady Victoria; to her perfection. Everything was as she wanted and […]


She’s at a point in her life where everything is not working out. Not her social life or even her spiritual one. Everything around her reeks of disappointment and despair and hopelessness. Even a little bit of regret and guilt seems to have found a haven in her. She feels she’s paying for something she […]